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How To Gift a Car

Maruti Suzuki Dil Se NRI programme makes the whole experience of gifting a car to your loved ones in India, Magical. Besides being quick and convenient, it is packed with some exclusive offers and services. All you need to do is configure your car, receive a quote and pay online.

Register with Us
To gift a car through Dil Se Gift-A-Car Programme, you have to first sign up to become a registered member of the programme. Click on the ‘Register with Us’ link and enter requisite details in the available form. Please note that the Email ID you enter will be your unique identification, against which you can generate quotes and transact online.

Gift A Car Now
Click on the link ‘Gift A Car Now’, and follow the steps given below:


How To Gift a Maruti Car Online
Select your beneficiary’s state and city of residence from the drop downs available. The city you select here will be used for
determining the city specific commercials of the car.

How to Buy a Car
Look through the Maruti car models available and choose the model you wish to gift.

How To Buy a Maruti Car Online
Here you can view the variants of the car model you selected, along with further details such as the price, features and specifications. Select the variant of your choice to proceed to the Car Configurator.

How To Shop Car Online
The car configurator lets you personalise your selected car, through a series of build and price options like Color , Insurance , Road Tax , Extended warranty , Accessories and your preferred dealer. Additionally, it displays the model summary and the effect of each customisation on the final price of the car.

How To Shop Maruti Car Online
The quotation generated shows you the final price of the car you have built. The final price is calculated as follows:
Ex-showroom price + Price of Accessories* + Insurance Amount* + Extended Warranty* + Road Tax* - Special Discount
(*if applicable)

Please note that every ‘Quotation Number’ is unique and is valid for a period 15 days. You may choose to proceed with the transaction right away, or come back later to transact using the saved quotation number. The quote shall expire post 15 days and you will have to generate a new quote to transact again.

How To Gift a Car
Login using your email ID and password, in case you are not already logged in.

How To Gift a Maruti Car Online
‘Beneficiary’ is the individual to whom you are gifting the car in India. Please enter the required details of your beneficiary in the form displayed.

How to Buy a Car
Paying for your car at Maruti NRI is completely safe and hassle free. We have put together some of the most contemporary and smart payment options online. Choose your preferred mode of payment and proceed to pay:

  • Credit Card ( Master, Visa or Diners Card )
    • Single Credit Card
    • Two Different Credit Cards
    • Same Credit Card Used Twice
  • Money Transfer – Bank Transfer
  • Cheque in INR – Issued from your NRE/NRO A/C
  • Demand Draft in INR – Issued from your NRE/NRO A/C
  • Finance available from your preferred financiers

You can also make an online payment using your Citibank Debit Card. Please note that you will have to update details of your Money Transfer/ Cheque/ DD details, against the relevant quotation number online.